Chris Samuelson

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Chris Samuelson has been defending against DWI offenses in Texas since 1997. Formerly a partner with Trichter & Samuelson in Houston, Chris has been independent for more than a decade. A member of the National College For DUI Defense and a contributing author to the newly revised Texas DWI Manual, Chris has taught at the State Bar of Texas Advanced Criminal Law Course and has been a regular on the speaking circuit for many years. He recently expanded his practice into Colorado, and he maintains an office in both Houston as well as Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Stories from Chris Samuelson

Drawing the Blood Test From a DWI Case
Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

The era of the total-refusal DWI case is quickly coming to a close in Texas. Gone are the days of refusing a breath test without concern for something more invasive. DWI blood test trials are the future for the criminal trial attorney.