Bill Trantham

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Bill Trantham of Denton received an undergraduate degree from the University of North Texas and his JD from SMU Law School. He’s been in private practice in Denton and Dallas counties since 1974. Bill joined TCDLA in 1977, his membership certificate signed by President Emmet Colvin. His biggest cases include charges for 44,000 pounds of marijuana and another for 500 pounds of 98% pure heroin, though Bill’s best known as the Head Chef of the Outlaw Grillers. He can be reached at

Stories from Bill Trantham

The Ultimate Mistrial: A War Story
Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

Anyone who has tried cases to a jury has at one time or another had a mistrial. I recall a time when I tried a murder case involving a very young man who shot another student to take a sports jacket. Sad case, but I needed something to shake the state up and get a better offer. No such offer ever came, and I prepared for trial.

Where in Hell Did J. Ray Go? A War Story
Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

Now, in talking with the older lawyers around the courthouse, you hear a lot of tales from the old days at the Carroll Courts Building. But those are really not the old days at all. The “old days” are those in the storied old courthouse on the square, what my contemporaries call “the Court House” as opposed to the Carroll Court House or New Courthouse.

What Do You Mean the  Courthouse Is in the Wrong Place? A War Story
Thursday, March 28th, 2019

One of the most ingenious, albeit unsuccessful, collateral attacks upon a capital murder indictment occurred in Denton County in 1980.